Monday, 4 December 2017

Today is the day I will get my phone back??!!

Well, today is the dead line from my phone provider to get it fixed! But I have some thoughts. No one have been here to check the extent of the fault so they knew what Tools to bring!!?? I have some Pictures to show you the present status.

This is one side of the wire. The other side looks the same.

This Picture will test your Eye sharpness. You might click on it to get it bigger. But the Picture show the support wire has unhooked it self from the hook on the pole and all load and strain is on the Cables. And that is not good.
It will be an interesting day to see what will happen with my ADSL and phone.

On the radio! I have put in an order for the OC-175 operation. Call was DU9/RZ3FW. Worked Wales on FT8 160 m this morning. Call was GW0KRL. And this is a new one for moi on 160. Have worked a few before but no QSL. So I hope Ian will upload to LoTW ASAP!!


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