Wednesday, 6 February 2019

New QSL arrived today.

Yes! QSL from Ducie Island just fell down into my mail box. Worked them on a few band slots. Only new one was 80 m CW and Digital. Nice card and I'm pleased with the QSO's I achieved as the conditions was not the best.

And I also got it confirmed via LoTW. Thanks!!

As you can see I have a lot of snow. And it is more on the way. Temp this morning was -15 C ( 5 F ). Prediction is it will get warmer. I like that.


Thursday, 31 January 2019

New mode from Ogasawara.

Worked JD1BOI on SSB 20 m a while ago. And last day the QSL arrived in my mail box. And this was a new phone Contact for me. Had JD1 on CW and RTTY. But I miss the Island on a few band slots.

Looks like a nice Place. But I miss a lot from the other JD1. Minami Torishima. Here I only have a CW Contact. Hopefully some one will go there in a near future.

WX here in Sweden is Cold. Temp this morning was -10 C ( 14 F ) and overcast. I have about 1' of snow (around 30 cm) and more on the way.

Back to radio! CUL

Wednesday, 16 January 2019

New IOTA in the mail box!

Today I received the QSL from Russian Robinson Club. It was EP6RRC from AS-189, Shif Island.
Nice card and I'm up to 544 confirmed islands.

So I'm slowly getting there! Just a few to go.

Wx is now cloudy and temp around -5,8 C ( 21,8 F ) and no snow yet.


A new one on 80 m.

The QSL has arrived for my QSO with Vanuatu on 80 m CW. It was YJ0GC from OC-035. Worked them on a few band slots. But the real challenge was the QSO on 80 m. And I also got it confirmed on LoTW. And here are the proof.

And now with the disaster after the storm. I only have an inverted dipole for 80 m. And I don't Think I can break any big piles with that. Centre of the dipole is only 15 m up. But I will try to use it. And a new Vertical will be up until coming autumn.

Lots of snow is predicted today. And temp at the moment is only -14 C ( 7 F ) and clear sky. But that will soon change.


Monday, 7 January 2019

Rotor fixed!

When I tilted my Tower and climbed up to check the electrical connector on the Yaesu G-1000DXC I found that the cable was in a lot of tension due to movement of all Cables. Disconnected the plug. Opened it and found one wire broken.

Re soldered all and put it all back. Changed the routing of Cables in the Tower and put a drop-loop on the rotor Cable. Cranked the Tower up and rotor works as it was supposed to do!

Wx here is calm. Temp around freezing and no snow. But prediction is more Heavy winds and a lot of snow on the way. Hope all remaining trees will stand tall!!


Sunday, 6 January 2019

Hit by storm Alfrida!

On the evening of 1 of January a severe storm warning was issued by the SMHI. So as a precaution I cranked my Tower down. And around 02:00 on the 2 January a pine tree fell on my house. Lots of roof tiles was destroyed. My 160/80 vertical antenna came down with the pine tree. And the antenna is more or less scrap. During the morning of the 2 January the storm was down graded to just hard winds. So I Went out to inspect the damages. In total 2 pine and 1 fur was down on my property. But no electrical failure. But my ADSL and phone is gone. In the forest near by 100 and more trees is down. And most of the Eastern part of Sweden have a lot of damages. In some areas the Power lines is completely damaged and require replacement. Several parts of Eastern Sweden is still without electrical Power.

I was quite lucky! Just a lot of tiles. was damaged. And I was able to find tiles so I could repair my roof. I got help of my neighbours to get the pine tree of my roof. And I have a lot of Wood to take care of.

By noon of the 3 of January I was finished with my roof.
Checking out the rest of my antennas I found no more fault and SWR was inside the limits on all bands. But my rotator don't work. So today I have to tilt my Tower to check what has happened with my G-1000DCX.


Friday, 28 December 2018

Repair of my FTdx5KMP

After a nice X-Mas down at Varberg at my daughter's Place I'm back home. And I also got some energy to replace the OLED display on my FTdx5000MP. It is quite a lot of screws and flat Cables and connectors to remove. And it is a Heavy piece of radio to move around on my table.
But I managed to get them replaced and here are the proof!

The right one was not so bad. But Mid and Left was not readable. But now they are all back!!!
And I have checked all functions and all is fine.
So back to chasing DX!