Monday, 13 August 2018

Some rare IOTA's and QSL's.

Still occupied with train duty. Now I have been working as a fire man. Lot of fun!! But it is hard to keep steam pressure around 10 to 12 kg.

I managed to get a QSO with V6J on CW 14 MHz. QSL on order for OC-254.

And to day I received QSL from Cezar. It was from his H4 operation. He was active from Mbanika Is, OC-168, as H44R. And here is the QSL as proof!

And the second was H40D from Tahua Is, OC-179. And here are the proof!!

And as Always nice cards from Cezar. He has also some great ears as he Always hear my week sigs!!

Well, that's all for now. CUL

Friday, 27 July 2018

Long time, no see!

Well, I'm still alive. I have been occupied with steam Engines quite a lot. And I have been examined as head guard or in Swedish train commander. And during this trip I had these nice chick's as passengers!

And all went well.

We have also brought out in the Bright sun light the old steam Engine "Rimbo" (SRJ 3). And this Engine is old. It started into traffic during 1885! Yes! 1885! And we have plans to get it up and running!!
Look at this beauty!!

Nice, eh!!!!!!!!!


Well I have been chasing V6J and he is also a new IOTA for moi. But so far no success.
But I will keep on trying.


Saturday, 30 June 2018

An ATNO has been worked! And some fire gard performed.

I have worked KH1/KH7Z on phone and CW on 20 m. And there is the only band I have Heard them on. And I'm confirmed in Club-Log! Super.

Received QSL from 3C0W. Worked them on some missing band slots. And here are the proof!

Super operation from YL2GM and YL3AIW and YL2KL. Thanks for some fun time at the radio.

On the 28 of June I was on fire guard the whole day. Almost 12 h behind the steam Engine to Catch if they might light a fire due to sparks from ashtray or chimney. But we didn't find any fire. And here are a Picture of the fire guard train. It is diesel Engine (Scania strait 8) but it is very noisy inside due to strait cut gear-wheels. But all Went well!

It is in mint condition and nicely restored.

Well, back to chasing KH1/KH7Z.


Wednesday, 20 June 2018


I finally got it! It departed customs 7 of June. And today it fell down in my mailbox.
And I've got s/n #3.148. So there are only 3.147 Before me that has achieved more than 100 DX on 160 m. I'm proud!! And here are the proof!

So it will go together with the rest on my wall. But this is the one I hold high. As I managed to get this with my simple vertical antenna and only 1 KW of Power. But I have a good receiving antenna. And that is my K9AY Array. And this antenna has made it possible to hear the DX. As some famous ham say "If you don't hear them, you can't work them".

So back to my TV to Watch some WC Soccer!!!!


Thursday, 7 June 2018

Few items in my hand!

Today I've got the stickers for 5BDXCC and Challenge in my hand. And they are glued in position!

5BDXCC (9BDXCC) with the new 160 Meters sticker. Nice! Now I only miss 6 m. But that will be a different story. I have 60 confirmed and missing 40. Wonder how that will go!!??

And this is Challenge 2000 in Place. Next one is 2500. And now the struggle begins. With bad conds on high band it will be quite hard to get band slots in the near future. But I will try as hard as I can.

But the DXCC 160 Award is stuck at customs in Arlanda Airport. There are some new rules regarding declaration and gifts and merchandise. I have sent an e-mail and I'm just at the moment waiting to see how it goes!??

Well back to radio! CUL

Monday, 28 May 2018

160 m DXCC Award marked OK in LoTW!

Yes! My DXCC diploma is marked in LoTW and in the mail on way to moi!! And also 2000 challenge and sticker for my 5BDXCC (now 9BDXCC).

I have been working as a Foreman for heating the steam engine and loading coal.
And on Sunday I had to work as a fire Watch running a diesel train approx 5 minutes behind with a tank waggon loaded with a lot of water in case of a fire due to sparks from the steam Engine. We have had no rain since end of April and fire hazard is the highest what we have on the scale according the weather guys. And it is 5E. E stands for "extreme".

Here are Pictures during pre heat on Saturday afternoon.

Pressure is Rising. We can start to move the train at 7 to 8 Kg pressure and also start the injectors to work.

And on Sunday when I was on fire guard we had the train pulling 6 passenger waggons and 1 cargo waggon. Passengers was students celebrating end of term and more than 400 was taken out to Lenna for breakfast. And here are a picture pulling out from Uppsala with almost full throttle!!!

Picture taken with my iphone from the diesel train. And we did not create any forest fire!!!

Back to radio.  CUL

Thursday, 17 May 2018

160 m DXCC Award OK in LoTW!

My application for DXCC 160 has been approved and is OK in LoTW. DXCC Award report is correct and I also have 2006 for my Challenge Award and I'm also holder of 9BDXCC. Now it is time to wait for the items to arrive in my mail box. Meanwhile I have been out playing with steam trains.


This is the small Engine we have operational. It is from 1898 and in mint condition. And I was working as brake instructor.

Back to  radio. CUL