Wednesday, 21 August 2019

Been off for a while!

Have been  travelling around Sweden but now I'm back.
Have found a new vertical antenna for 160/80. And material 6062 T6 is on order. Have started to prepare the Foundation and calculating the guy wire length.

Done! Just let the concrete to dry and hopefully it will get hard!

Had to take a Picture of this nice Rainbow. It was the after match of a power full thunder storm that hit quite hard some times ago.

And today there might be some more TS. Temp at the moment is 20 C ( 67 F ) and clear sky.

Question: How to I get a QSL from RI0B IOTA operation from 2018. I'm in the log and I have requested QSL via Pay-Pal 2 times but still no QSL????!!!! $$$$$????

Wednesday, 31 July 2019

A new IOTA was confirmed yesterday

I've got NA-250 confirmed yesterday. Island was North end of Khantaak in the never Before activated Group of Yakutat Borough islands. They worked 2770 QSO's and had some problem with sun activity (who doesn't). Any way, here are the proof.

Nice card and call! And thanks to Bruce, KD6WW & Mike, K9AJ for QSO and QSL.

Wx here in Sweden have been warm. But now it feels like autumn has arrived. Have had some light showers and a lot of wind. Temp at the moment is 11 C ( 52 F ). So it feels fresh and crisp outside.


Sunday, 21 July 2019

New rare IOTA worked

A few day's ago I worked K6VVA/KL7 from NA-004. A new one for me. And the funny thing with this QSO is that Eric is only working Active registered IOTA chasers and all other not found in the IOTA listing he tells to go QRT! Well this is one way to do it. An IOTA shall only be worked once. But not all general DX chasers understand this. And they work, or try to work him on several bands.
Well I'm a registered IOTA chaser and I've got a QSO with Eric on Endicott Island.
And here are a Souvenir QSL to prove it. Thanks Eric!

Looking forward for the real QSL and one more Point towards Honor Roll ( 5 to go).


Monday, 1 July 2019

Installed an Inv L-antenna.

I have some problems to find some 6063 aluminium tubing for a new 160/80 m vertical. Meanwhile I have installed a L-Antenna for 160. Slightly longer than 1/4 and using a cap for tuning. SWR OK and I have worked a few EU stations for checking function. Received nice reports using only 100 W.

Compared with the 160/80 trap dipole and found that the L-Antenna was 5 - 10 db better in receiving.

It will be fun to test as we enter the dark times!!


Wednesday, 19 June 2019

Installation of an balun.

When I put up my new trap dipole for  160/80 I also installed a 1:1 balun. Purpose is to prevent current on the outside of the coax. It is a FT-240-61 and works just fine.

And Winding is some turns of 3 mm dia enamelled copper wire.

I've got an mosquito remover. It is an Thermacell MR-450. And it works. A lot of mosquito's around my head. But when I start the MR-450 after a few minutes all mosquito's is gone fishing! Super!

Wx here at the moment is showers and some TS. And temp is about 25 C ( 77 F ). Prediction for the rest of the day is Moore severe TS and a lot of rain.


Saturday, 1 June 2019

160/80 m Antenna

The storm Alfrida that hit us on the 2 of January it decided that I didn't need any vertical antenna for 160/80 m. So it just put it back to scrap aluminium. I have not yet managed to get hold of new straight aluminium tubing to make a new Antenna for 160/80 m. Meanwhile  I decided to add 160 to my inverted "V" for 80 m. I manufactured two identical coils of dia 45 mm and put 28 turns of wire on them. Then I tuned them using a piece of RG-58 as capacitor and put the traps on 3,55 MHz. Installed and added 14 m of antenna wire after the traps and trimmed it to resonance on 1,825 MHz. All Went well and now I'm QRV again on 160 m.
Heard E31A on 160 last night. He was Calling CQ and no takers. But Before my PA came on line ( very long 2,5 min delay ) he Went QRT!
Anyway here are some Pictures.

I don't knew how long the traps will last in Bright Sunlight and harsh weather that we have here in Sweden. But hopefully I will get some new antenna (GP) up Before next Winter.


Thursday, 30 May 2019

One new IOTA

This week I've got QSL from NA-092, North Padre Island Texas. This push my confirmed score up to 550. 15 to get Honor Roll.
So thanks Mike, AD5A for Quick response. And QSO was also confirmed direct to IOTA via Club-Log.

And my ADSL is now history. And my Internet supplier was here and installed a outdoor antenna for 4G router. And despite 5 km to the nearest 4G mast I have about -80 dbm signal strength. That is OK.

Here are the antenna installation. It has 10 dbi gain. So far so good.