Monday, 11 December 2017

Still no Phone and a new IOTA QSL!

Now I have two dates when the phone should be fixed. 2 of Jan 2018 from my phone provider and 5 Jan 2018 from EL-Tel who is the repair Agency???!!! I'm getting very tired due to this lack of efficiency. And I still have to pay the bills. And I can request some refund after it is fixed??!!

Just received the QSL from AS-127 St Martin Island, Bangladesh. Call used was S21ZAS and QSL from SM6CVX. Thanks Hans.

So now my IOTA score has taken a big steep. And this is because the IOTA Contest confirmation was also added. My IOTA score is at the fantastic sum of 528 islands!!! Super cool!

Tomorrow we will be hit by a snow blizzard. Prediction say about one feet of the hated White fluff will fall down on us!!! We will see what will happened.


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