Monday, 25 December 2017

Cold and clear!

Marry X-Mas to you all. Here it is a Cold morning. It is -10 C ( 14 F ) and almost a clear sky. And I've got CT3 confirmed on 160 m via LoTW. And as I told you Before I have got 4 new on 160 m this weekend. Super! I have 5 to go!

The birds outside is having a feast on peanuts. And they like it as you can see on the Picture.

I'm still chasing new ones on 160 m. And it is fun to observe propagation on TB. Some times I can call my head of and no QSO. This morning I have been Calling a lot of stations in US. But they don't hear moi!!?? I Think they should get a receiving antenna!!!! I have a K9AY and it works just fine.

HNY to you all and back to radio!

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