Tuesday, 5 April 2016

Working some rare DX!

I have managed to work VK0EK on 160, 80, 40, 30, 17 and 15 m CW and on 20 m SSB. Missing one RTTY QSO and 12 and 10 m. Would be nice with a RTTY on 12 m!!?? And there are still some time left Before they go QRT.
A bit different story for the FT4JA. I have worked them on 30 and 17 m CW. On 15 m SSB and 20 m RTTY. Have been lsn on 40 m and 160 m. And what a zoooooo! The pile on 160 was 60 db over S9!
But as I have them on all modes and there is still some time left for the operation I just rest my time and keep moitoring them.

Have to show you a Picture of my daughter jumping with her new horse. Looks fine, or.........??

Well, Back to the radio and some coffee.

Take care all of you readers out there and CUL.

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