Friday, 8 April 2016

Lots of DQRM

Last night I was trying to work FT4JA on 40 m. He was on 7017 working up. Same time VK0EK was on 7016 working Down. And the DQRM on FT4JA was enormous but on VK0EK he was in the clear and no DQRM:ers. Then FT4JA moved up to 7019 but a few of the DQRM:ers moved along. But any way I was in the pile Calling and I Think we had a QSO. But the DQRM:ers did their best to f..k it up. Are these hams grown ups?? Or are they just plain stupid??!! Isn't some way to locate one or two and drag them out in the open for every one to see. Maybe throw a few rotten eggs on them, or................????
This rises one question. Why are DQRM:ers on FT4JA. Have they done something wrong? Wonder how it can be like this. Try to keep calm and keep my blood pressure down to some safe limits. Otherwise I don't knew what could happened. But we have help quite Close here in Sweden??!!!

Nice!!! Just hope I don't need it. The text on the side of the chopper say "Intensive Care".

I will take a short bike ride to day just to see that all is fine. It is a Suzuki DR-650 Off-Road Bike.

CUL!!! And down with the QRM:ers!!

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