Wednesday, 6 April 2016

Last chance!

Now it is the last chance to work VK0EK and FT4JA. Only a few day's remain of operation. I  worked FT4JA on 80 m this morning. Lot of QRM as usual. But when I checked the on-line log I was confirmed on 80 m! Super!!! Still no QSO on 12 m and up. But the sun is doing it's best to make things difficult for most of the hams around 60 deg North and up!!??
This was my set-up at this end for working both of them.

Running about 1 KW to my antennas. Have not yet worked FT4JA on 40 m. But I will keep on chasing! I have only a vertical with elevated (4 ea) radials on 40 m. But the FT-5K hear well and the ACOM1000 is a super AMP. Have had it for more than 6 years and not a glitch so far.

Spring is approaching fast. Today it is heavy rain but not so windy. Temperature is around 8 C (46 F). Have to perform some maintenance on my bikes to make them run safe this coming summer.

Take care!

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