Thursday, 28 April 2016

New IOTA worked.

Last evening I worked the new IOTA AS-202 on 20 m SSB. Call was A91HI and Island is Hawar.

Picture is borrowed from
This Island has never been activated Before. It was announced as anew IOTA during the 50th Anniversary IOTA Convention in UK July 2014. And now it is in my log!

Sad to read about cancelled P5 operation in DX World. But I guess some political issues not mentioned in the long article has contributed to the situation, or..............?

Today the weather is predicted to have the Winter back?! Prediction of 5 to 7 cm of snow???!!! At the moment it is raining but no snow yet. Temp is around 5 C (41 F). I Think that is to warm for some snow to be accumulated on the ground. It will only end up as water.

If you not have worked A91HI. Stop playing with the computer and go chase him. He was easy to work. Good operators. GL


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