Monday, 18 April 2016

Spring is here!?

Found this flower in my back yard. This is proof that spring is here.

So, there is hope for this year to!

Got all my QSO's confirmed on LoTW for my VK0EK effort. Nice! It was not an ATNO but all band slots and modes with Heard Island is now crossed (X). Hope FT4JA will do the same. QSL is on order via OQRS on both of them. Also some extra $$$.

Worked a few missing slots on A25UK. Big piles but easy to get into my log.

And this morning I worked EP2A, Iran. Worked them on 30 m. So I have to see if it is possible to catch them on my only missing slots. And they are 80 and 160 m. I will give it a try. But I guess the sun will do it's best to stop me from getting EP on 160.

Take care and CUL

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