Monday, 27 March 2017

YES! Wworked a few new IOTA's.

Finally I managed to get into the log of VE7ACN/7 and also KL7/VE7ACN. Worked from NA-061 and NA-041. And almost in the same time as I worked VE7ACN/7 I Heard  and worked A35JP/P from OC-123, Niuafo'ou. All 3 is new for me. QSL on order for the VE7ACN operation.

There is a lot of activity in the garden. I have put out the last of the sunflower seed's to the birds.

This is a great tit that has a seed in the mouth. But I also have this nice looking Squirrel.

And he/she is picking up what the birds drop on to the ground. So he/she is quite satisfied with Life in general!!??

Click on Pictures and enjoy.


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