Friday, 10 March 2017


SA-061 is QRV on the bands. Call they are using is XR5M. Been Calling them this morning on 40 CW but no QSO so far. Peculiar operation as it is very long between QSO's??!! But I will keep on chasing them. SA-061 is a new one for me so I want give up Calling!!

I have taken down two trees on my property. It was one pine and one spruce. Both of them had been damaged by Lightning so I was a bit concern that they would come down by them self! But now I have a lot to do to split them in smaller logs that will go into my stove.

So here you can see that I have a lot to do.

But one of the advantages of cutting down these trees is that I now can show you my vertical 160/80 m antenna. So here you are! The linear loading is for 160 m operation.

But it is almost in full camouflage. But I can assure you it is there!! Click on the Pictures to see them a bit larger.



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