Friday, 3 March 2017

New one on 160 m!

Just got the QSL from S01WS as I worked him on 160 m. This was a new one for moi!!! And here are the card!

Nice! And this will make me one Point closer to a DXCC on 160. But I have a few steps to go.

Been trying to catch VP6EU on my missing slots. But not a single "pip" so far in my receiver. But there is a few SM that has accomplish the task of getting VP6 in their log's. Two more Days to go!!??

Wx here in Sweden is warm for the season. But there is some predictions that it will get colder. At the moment it is 3,3 C ( 38 F ) and this is warm. Sky covered 8 octas and some light rain in the air.

Well, CUL.

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