Tuesday, 14 March 2017

Lot to do at the moment!

Yesterday I found that I was in the log of XR5M. Super, a new IOTA for me. QSL on order.

Managed to work 5U5R on both 40 and 80 m CW. 80 m was today around 4:50 Z. Also got a QSO with 9G5X on 15 m SSB.
And I have worked Vlad, UA4WHX on RTTY on 80 as YL/UA4WHX. Vlad has the best QSL's ever. Always a very fine Pictures. And I suspect it is Irina that take the photos, or.......??!!

I have been working with my trees. I have started to split them up in more suitable size for my stove.

Here is my hydraulic Wood splitter. Works just fine! Power about 5 metric tonnes.

And I have to pile up the Wood so it can dry out so I can use it in my stove.

Back to radio for chasing KL7/VE7ACN on NA-041. A new IOTA for me.


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