Monday, 5 December 2016

Two (2) new IOTA QSL's in my hand.

Today it was almost X-Mas. I  received QSL from Russian Robinson Club operations from August this year.
First was UE23RRC operating from AS-142, Kambalniy Isl (Toporkov). New one for moi!!

Next one was R23RRC operating from AS-091, Ptichiy Isl. Also a new one for moi!!

As Always from RRC the QSL cards are in super quality. Both was from manager Vasily, R7AL. Both cards are 4 pages. but you will only see 1!!!
I now have a total sum of 468 confirmed Isl!!?? But I still miss a few. What about qsl from TF/M0VFE? Wonder when it will show up. Worked a new one this morning. It was 5T5TI from AF-050, Tidra Isl. But this is not on order yet as it was worked this morning.

Well, about the strange weather. Saturday night temp was -14 C ( 6,8 F ). But this morning temp was up to +7 C ( 44 F )??!! You can't say it is a stable situation. Far from.


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