Wednesday, 7 December 2016

Wow! QSL from ZL7G

Nigel, G3TXF and his fellows understand the Word "Direct". ZL7G operation was on in mid November. And today I received the QSL. Amazing!!

And they have already uploaded to LoTW. So all is confirmed. The new slots for me this time was CW on 80 m and SSB on 20 m and RTTY was done on 30 m.

So now I'm missing Chatham Island only on 160 and 10 m. I have written about the happenings on 160 m in some earlier post in this blogg. So I have no more comments on use of SDR's in other countries. Wonder if DXCC Rule 9.b is still valid? And when we will have openings on 10 m towards New Zeland next time that is a different story.

Time for coffee!! CUL

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