Monday, 19 December 2016

Award from UP25 operations.

Kazakhstan is celebrating 25 years of Independence. So it is a lot of activity from a number of UP25 stations. To get the Award you needed to have confirmed QSO with 25 stations. Dupes allowed on same band but different mode. But it was a challenge to get them. And on the 18 of December I had 25 confirmed. And I was awarded this Award. NICE!

So, to all of you out there. Work as many UP25 stations you can. And you will have this in your hand. Operations will end 31-Dec-2016.

X-Mas is approaching fast. And still no more snow outside. I like that. I do not need to start my snow blower and temperature is around 0 C ( 32 F ).

Marry X-Mas and HNY to all you readers out there. CUL

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