Wednesday, 7 December 2016

PA Interface again.

I have received a few questions on how I build the small transistor switch and how it was installed.
Well, it is installed in the Cable between TRX and PA. But Close to the TRX. About 2" from the 7 pin DIN connector. And I put some heat shrink tubing over it.
This is a Picture of the Components.

The Shadow in the bottom of Picture is from the Lens Hood that I forget to remove.
Next Picture show the finished switch. It is small. It measures 23 X 8 mm (0,9" X 0,3 ").
Observe that I have removed the Lens Hood!!!

So now it is just to install Cable. In the Remote connector the GND is soldered to the connector shield, and in the other end there is a RCA Phono plug that connects to ACOM1000. Next start chasing DX!!??

Hope this will help someone out there!


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