Wednesday, 30 November 2016

PA control and a new book!

If there are some interest out there I will show you all how I made the PA Control from Kenwood TRX to my ACOM1000. As I'm allergic to relay clatter I have deactivated the PA relay in both TS-590 and TS-950. So, how do I Control PA? Well, that's quite simple. Kenwood TRX has a remote connector in the rear. It is an 7 pol DIN connector and on pin 7 there are a +12 VDC 10 mA output when TRX is in TX mode. So this is what I used to Control the PA with a simple transistor switch. You can see the schematic here.

I did not have a transistor 2N2222 so I used a BC182. Works just super and no sound what so ever when PA is keyed.

I have got my hand on this antenna book. It is written by Bob Zavrel, W7SX. Very well written and nice topic for hams to get some more insight in how our antennas work. I recommend this book so get one ASAP!

Well, that's all for now. Take care and CUL

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