Monday, 7 November 2016

Big suprice this morning!!

I was a bit surprised when I wake up this morning. I was 1" of White fluff on the ground. And it was snowing a lot as you can see on the Picture (White dot's in Picture).

I did not order this shit!!! But I guess I have to live with it!!??

Managed to work ZL7G on RTTY 30 m late Sunday. So now I only miss them on 160. But this might be a difficult task. Only 3 SM has managed to work them on 160 so far. Wonder how they do it. Where do they lsn and transmit??? Heard only some fragments of him (ZL7G) one day btw 15:20 to 16:10 Z. And that was the day some SM worked him. They must have super antennas and receivers with magic RX-antennas, or..............!!! But congratulations to them to get in the 160 m log of ZL7G.

I rest my case!!


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