Thursday, 17 November 2016

Done some changes in my schack.

I have a TS-950SDX put on the side. I have had it out for sale. But no takers. So I decided to use it for rag chewing and low band chasing. The receiver is very good in this old Kenwood TRX.
So, I made an logic switch to be able to use my ACOM1000 with both TS-590S and TS-950SDX.
It works just fine.

You can see the switch just above the Digi Keyer II ( for use with 590 only ). I do have an external keyer from K1EL for to use with 950. It is a K42 Keyer and the keyboard to lower left is for this keyer. All works just fine. And for antenna and input switching to/from the Amp I use a pair of dual antenna switches.

I still not over the fact that I did not work ZL7G on 160 m. But that's Life. Some you get and some you don't!!??

Temp here is warm. Around +5 C ( 41 F ). Most of the hated White fluff is gone!


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