Thursday, 25 January 2018

Repair and hot winter!?

Yesterday I had about 4" ( 10 cm ) of snow on the ground. Look at this. No snow!

The snow must have gone up in smoke. It is windy outside. It is bowing 10-15 kt and up to 35 kt in gusts. And during last night we got about 2" of rain. Temp at the moment is 7 C ( 44 F ). And that is warm for January. And the ground is still frozen solid.

Have to show you the repair. I used a rubber house and some DC4 compound. And I have been running 1 kw on both 160 and 80 m without any problem.

Here are the tuning unit.

And here is the rubber house with the DC4 compound around it. Hope it will last during 3Y0Z operation.

Worked our latest new DXCC. Kosovo using Z60A and operated with some OH hams. I have worked them on a few slots on SSB and CW.


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