Wednesday, 10 January 2018

No phone repair in sight!

New news regarding Cable repair of my ADSL and phone. Next estimate is 16 Feb 2018!!!!????
Well, my provider sent me a 4G router with 600 GB surf at my disposal. It is a mess. My provider is a Company called Telia. They have a contract with a repair firm called Scan Nova. Scan Nova subcontract the repair to a Company called El-Tel and they will perform the actually repair. Question is when!!!
Any way here is a Picture of my new 4G router.

And I have got directions to the nearest 4G tower. And this is 349 deg and 3400 m away. I have not so good signal strength. But I got 10 MB up and 10 MB down in speed. And that is OK.

So now I'm waiting for the guys to start operating from Bouvet Island. That will be a thrill of the highest level!!

Well CUL!!

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