Sunday, 14 January 2018

Phone is fixed!!!!

Yesterday I was down in the stable doing some repair on one of our steam engine when I got an SMS from my phone provider. SMS say that the Cable was temporary repaired. No new pole was installed but the Cable has been repaired and erected into some spruce trees as temporary pole!!
I have to wonder as I made some remarks on the 12 Jan about the long time for the repair (25 Okt 2017) on face book. And I've got answers directly from 3 different people working for the phone provider. And the repair team was here on Saturday morning and they fixed the Cable. Checked speed on my ADSL and I got 6-7 down and 1 up. And that is normal for a 6 - 10 mb ADSL as I'm 5,5 km from the station. WOW!

Have to have a Picture. This is a Heavy Bird. To much sunflower seeds, or..........???

Any way I'm happy for a while until next storm when we will get phone problem again!!??

Worked 6O6O on 20 m CW for a minute ago.

Soon 3Y0Z will be on the air. It will be a mess!!!!


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