Monday, 13 November 2017

Yes! Finaly some QSL's

Today I got 3 new IOTA's confirmed. It was AS-71 Arakamchechen, AS-044 Bol'shoy and AS-114 Baidukova Islands. And here are the proof! Enjoy!

Nice cards and it pushed my IOTA score up to 514. But still a lot to do!

Have been trying to work VK9MA on 80 and 160 m as I told you all Before. And still no QSO! But I can blame the barn roof (???). But I will try until they go QRT. And there are two more Days to go.

Weather here in this part of Sweden is quite Cold. This morning it was -5 C (23 F) but no snow yet.

Well, have to start up the PA so it is warm  and up and running for the next try for VK9MA.


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