Wednesday, 8 November 2017

Sun is on the toe again!

The Sun has delivered some high energy electrons from a big Corona hole. As you can see on the prediction on the right side of this blog. All red!!
But I Think I have some problem to get a QSO on 160 m with VK9MA any way. Reason for this is a big barn covered with sheet metal for roof tiles. It is high. It is in the direction to VK9MA. It is about 75 m away from the antenna. So you can see in the Picture my vertical antenna with some linear loading and the barn in the rear. I Think I'm a big looser!!!???

And yes, it is frost on the ground. Temp is -4!!! The radials in that direction is only about 10 m long as my property ends at the fence. But I will keep on calling them anyway. You never knew. Even a blind chicken sometimes find some food on the ground!!???

About food. This next Picture show an angry bird. The food house is empty and he looks at me and say "Where the h..l is the food". I have filled it up!

This Picture was shoot around 7:30 this morning. And it is quite dusk outside.

Well, CUL

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