Wednesday, 15 November 2017

Bragg time!!??

Before I start bragging I have to show you all what has come down since yesterday. It is some White fluff. I Think it is called snow!? But I have not ordered it so PLS take it away ASAP!!!

In the Picture is the 40 m Vertical with elevated radials. But it is barely visible. But the Picture is for the White fluff not antenna. That is just a bonus for you to (not) see.

Now to bragging part!

Yesterday it was announced from VK9MA that it was the last night of 160 m operation. And this time the sun behave just fine and at 15:24 I was able to get a QSO on 80 with the guys. Than I spend remaining time up to their SR to call them on 160. They where in and out of deep QSB. And I was not able to get a QSO. Signals was between nothing and S4 on my K9AY! But the barn I have in the direction of 54 deg and 100 m away from my antenna is still there. And it must have had some impact of the reason for not getting a QSO. Anyway that is my belief. Bad operator and worthless antenna and to little power?? No No No No!! I'm the best????!!!!!
But here is a Picture of the black box that was responsible for the QSO on 80!!!

So, Before the start of this dxpedition I missed VK9M on 30, 80 and 160. After, I had nailed two out of three (30 and 80 m) and that is OK, or.....................???

Have a safe trip home guys!


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