Monday, 20 November 2017


Yes! Today I've got QSL from a quite rare DXCC entry from EU. It is Mount Athos. Call was SV2ASP/A. Worked him 15 of October. And now I have his QSL in my hand!
Thanks Monk Apollo! And here are the proof.

This pushed my DXCC score up to 330 confirmed. 9 to go!!

Have been chasing J5T for 17 and 15 m. I was able to work them today including 80 m. Only band where I miss J5 is 160. They will stay a few more Days so there are still a chance for me to Catch them on 160.

We have got about 1" of snow. and it is around 0 C ( 32 F ) outside and prediction for the rest of this week is more white fluff and temp around -6 C ( 21 F ).

That's all for now. CUL

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