Tuesday, 24 October 2017

Worked two (2) new IOTA's!

First one was F6KOP/P from EU-148 Fort Brescou. Second one was S21ZAS from AS-127 St Martin's Island. QSL will be ordered ASAP!

Autumn is taking a hard grip of us. We have had several nights with temp's below 0. At the moment it is just that ( 32 F ) and only a few Clouds. Just North of my QTH there are prediction of about 1" of snow! It is time soon to put on the Winter tires with studs.

Took these Pictures on the 19th Oct. As you can see the nice colour of the Birch tree and the almost finished sun flower. And today all of the leafs is gone from the Birch tree.

Winter is just around the corner!!!!


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