Monday, 2 October 2017

Still miserable conds

It is still very miserable conditions on higher HF bands. So I have been occupied with fire wood. I have loaded into my wood shed about 5 cubic meters of birch Wood ( about 170 square feet ). Additional to that I have the fur and pine trees I had to cut down due to lighting stroke.

So I hope it will last during the coming Winter that's are ahead of us. But I will not freeze!!

The progress of autumn is continuing. The maple tree is now almost full of yellow leafs. And today the first autumn storm is approaching. They say it is the remains of Hurricane Maria. But it will hit us as a normal low pressure system. But my photo object will probably lose all leafs today so this next Picture will be the last for this year.

Wind are predicted to reach around 20 kt in sustained wind and 30 - 35 in gusts. And a lot of rain. It will be an interesting afternoon.

Back to radio. Just had a QSO with A5A in Butan.


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