Tuesday, 17 October 2017

North Island VK8 confirmed

Yes! Craig uploaded the log from OC-198 and I'm in it! In Club Log you have to use a quite long search string to be able to see your QSO's. Use "VK5CE/8_OC198" and if you are in the log you will see it.

Borrowed this Picture from QRZ.com. Hope he don't mind!!??
But it is Always fun to work Craig from his IOTA expeditions. He hear well and understand the problem we encounter up here around and above 60 deg North. You can hear him call "Scandinavia and UK only". I like that!!!! And QSL is ordered.

I have worked S21ZDC on  RTTY and CW. This is a new IOTA for me. They are on AS-140. QSL will be ordered when they open OQRS.

Regarding weather. I have Heavy TS at the moment. Sounds like 15 cm Howitzer outside!!!??? Have to be careful with all my Electronics. Have had problems Before with Internet Router going where routers go when they die! It is mid October and powerful thunder storms around my QTH. Strange!!

Well, that's all for now. CUL

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