Wednesday, 23 August 2017

YES! NA-157 in the log!

Yesterday I was able to get a QSO with NL6/AA7CH from NA-157. Super! And a few hours later Mike had uploaded the log to Club Log and I was in it. QSL on order!!
I also ordered the QSL from RI0LI operating from AS-022. Now I will keep a Close Watch over my mail box.

I have no QSL to show you at the moment. But I have to show you the progress of my sunflower. I don't Think there will be any flower as it is so Cold here. Spring was Cold so the growth was to slow and now time is running out for them.

This is the one that might be able to come into flower. Hope for some warm and sunny Days to come.

I have a family of Crane's on the near by fields. I have tried to get a Picture of them both. But it is hard to get Close to them. This is the best shoot so far.

I will keep on trying. But soon they will leave due to the Winter is just around the corner.

That all for now.


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