Thursday, 10 August 2017

Wkd a few new IOTA

This morning I managed to work AL3/AA7CH (same guy as VE7ACN) from NA-042 Hinchinbrook Isl. New for moi! Earlier this week I was able to Catch RI0LI from AS-022 Leont'yeva Isl. Also a new one.
R24RRC has loaded up the log from AS-044 operation. Search with R24RRC_AS044. So it is slowly closing up to some of the magic number of achieving Honor Roll!!??

I have no QSL to show you but I have a Picture of a piece of the dirt road from my QTH. Nice road and I like to take my dirt bike for a spin on it.


I also have a Picture of a flower in my garden. Very nice colour.

Hope I don't bore you all to death with this. But I promise that when I get some of the QSL's I have on order ( and there are a few) I will put them on the blog asap!

Go outside and enjoy the rest of the summer.


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