Friday, 4 August 2017

Worked a new IOTA

This morning I was able to Catch a new IOTA. It was EU-087 Hogbonden. Operator was SM4DDS/3 and I got a confirmation on SMS! This is quite Close to my QTH and band was 40 m CW. I have seen him spotted on 20 but can't hear him here. 40 and 80 m is best for QSO due to Close proximity.

I have to show you some nice QSL that I have received via buro. Got them into my hand yesterday as I had a visit from SM5DJZ Janne.

Here we go!

Nice spider. Wonder how poisonous this one is?

This bird from Bill qualify as a very nice QSL.

It is fun to collect QSL and I have a quite large Collection. And hopefully it will grow!!!

That's all for now. CUL

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