Friday, 9 June 2017

New mode for me!

Due to the bad weather on Wednesday I was sitting in front of my radio and there was nothing on. So I downloaded WSJT-X into one of my computers and I configured the DigikeyerII that I have together with  my TS-590S. Reason for this is that many hams seams to do JT65 on 6 m. So if I like to get some new ones I have to follow the stream!!?? All went just fine and my first QSO was with my friend SM5DJZ. I had to check out all the bells and whistles in the program.
First QSO was with G4VCJ followed by K5XI and K4PI (cfm via LoTW). Super!

I was running with only 20 W from the TS-590S into my ACOM1000. Ended up with about  300 - 350 W out. And every thing turned hot. Long transmission times (50 sec on - 70 sec off). Temperature in the room was about 26 C after a short while.

I is fun with a new mode. And to all of you out there remember I'm a newbie to this so have some patience with me!!??

Here are a Picture of my Italian 5 el Yagi for 6 m on top of my tower. Feed with RG-213. Weight is only 2 kg.

All of my 6 m QSO's is done with this antenna.

Regarding the storm yesterday, I have cleaned up all the debris on my lawn and I will cut it tomorrow.

Well back to JT65! CUL

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