Sunday, 25 June 2017

Bad weather

I have been down to Varberg City for midsummer celebration. Nice but a lot of rain.

Meatballs, Herring, Salmon, egg's and some caviar. Super nice. And all girl's have nice wreath of flowers in their hair. And of course a lot of alcohol!!!

Any way, I'm home and there is not much to do on the radio so I decided to modify the Noise Blanker in my FT-1000MP MK-V.
 The mod is from W8JI and all that you have to do is remove a 220 ohm chip resistor (R2046) from the source of Q2009, replacing it with a new 220 ohm resistor connected between Q2009 source and Q2016 (2sc4047) collector and junction of R2049. W8JI, Charles clime an improvement of more than 10 db reduction in IM Products.

Picture of area where the mod shall be done.

Here the 220 ohm resistor is installed.

And finally, the IF board is reinstalled in the TRX. Future will see if this mod will do as it is stated. But at the moment there are no big activity on the band. But it's sounds just fine at the moment.

Today there are prediction of TS. Temp is around 16 C ( 60 F ). And around 5/8 of Clouds.


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