Monday, 12 June 2017

JT65, IOTA and A25!

Yesterday I was Calling and Calling and Calling..............!!!??? But no QSO. It was yesterday morning and loads of JA stn's was Calling CQ. But I was not able to Catch one. But I guess 300 W to a 5 el yagi up 75' is not enough, or I'm I doing something wrong???

Any way today I received a (for moi) a rare IOTA. It was OC-123Niuafo'ou Island in the Kingdom of Tonga. Thanks Masa (JA0RQV) for QSO and QSL.

QSO was on 20 m CW and he was using only 100W and a GP. Super well done Masa!!!

And I also got QSL from the UK DXpedition from Botswana. They used the call A25UK and I worked them on a few missing slots. Remaining is 160 and 80  m. And I will try when the next one goes there.

Serviced my car today. Lots of cash was going out and new oil, filters and some other stuff was fixed.

Some local TS is on the way and I hope they miss my QTH. Temp is 17 C and partly cloudy.


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