Wednesday, 2 May 2018

First time under full pressure and some new IOTA

This weekend we had both Engines under full pressure. And we performed some short test runs. No major leaks and we filled them both with coal. So we are ready for the summer traffic. And here are proof!

Picture taken with my I-phone.

In between all the work with the steam Engines I have managed to work H40D from OC-179 and C96RRC from AF-088. Both are new for me. But I can tell you that H40D was week and he must have very good ears. Amazing. Quite a big pile on both of them.

Now I have to do some maintenance on my DR-650 bike. I have to check and adjust the valve clearance. To do that I have to remove frame covers, seat and fuel tank. I'm tired Before I have started.


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