Monday, 28 May 2018

160 m DXCC Award marked OK in LoTW!

Yes! My DXCC diploma is marked in LoTW and in the mail on way to moi!! And also 2000 challenge and sticker for my 5BDXCC (now 9BDXCC).

I have been working as a Foreman for heating the steam engine and loading coal.
And on Sunday I had to work as a fire Watch running a diesel train approx 5 minutes behind with a tank waggon loaded with a lot of water in case of a fire due to sparks from the steam Engine. We have had no rain since end of April and fire hazard is the highest what we have on the scale according the weather guys. And it is 5E. E stands for "extreme".

Here are Pictures during pre heat on Saturday afternoon.

Pressure is Rising. We can start to move the train at 7 to 8 Kg pressure and also start the injectors to work.

And on Sunday when I was on fire guard we had the train pulling 6 passenger waggons and 1 cargo waggon. Passengers was students celebrating end of term and more than 400 was taken out to Lenna for breakfast. And here are a picture pulling out from Uppsala with almost full throttle!!!

Picture taken with my iphone from the diesel train. And we did not create any forest fire!!!

Back to radio.  CUL

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