Thursday, 7 June 2018

Few items in my hand!

Today I've got the stickers for 5BDXCC and Challenge in my hand. And they are glued in position!

5BDXCC (9BDXCC) with the new 160 Meters sticker. Nice! Now I only miss 6 m. But that will be a different story. I have 60 confirmed and missing 40. Wonder how that will go!!??

And this is Challenge 2000 in Place. Next one is 2500. And now the struggle begins. With bad conds on high band it will be quite hard to get band slots in the near future. But I will try as hard as I can.

But the DXCC 160 Award is stuck at customs in Arlanda Airport. There are some new rules regarding declaration and gifts and merchandise. I have sent an e-mail and I'm just at the moment waiting to see how it goes!??

Well back to radio! CUL

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