Friday, 29 September 2017

A few QSL's via Buro

The arrival of QSL is very slow. Hopefully there will be a few in the mail box this autumn. But the progress of autumn is there for sure.
I've got a QSL from Longyearbyen. For you out there it is from Svalbard (JW). This is a Place I really would like to visit. But I guess it will be in my Dreams only.

Back to the progress of autumn. I use to take a Picture of one of the maple trees over time. And the colours are just beautiful.

The difference between last Picture and this one is not so big. But it is getting more colourful than ever over time.

Temp outside is 10 C ( 50 F ) and the air pressure is staggering 1040 mb. And that is high for this time of year. And as a consequence we have overcast of low Clouds and the sun has not the Power to clear the sky. But there are some chance to get some sun in the afternoon.


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