Monday, 22 May 2017


Now all of my vehicles have passed the MOT. Last out was my Suzuki DL-1000 Touring Bike. And it passed without any remarks. So, here it is just when I have returned home.

Next due is Before 2019-05-31. Nice!!

I have tried to Catch Cezar on 30 m. But I don't hear a single "PIP" here in Sweden. Cezar is on his last Days in North Cook Islands. So I hope my very QRM:ed QSO on 20 m CW is OK. I do not understand these stupid guy's that have to create QRM and all the self appointed police hams that have to tell every one they are doing wrong and when they doing that they create even more QRM's. Better if those blockheads concentrate on theirs stamp collection if they have one!!!???


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