Monday, 1 May 2017

RDA Chaser!

Well, there are nothing new out there so I decided to test something new. And I choose to start chasing for the Russian District Award (RDA). By checking out RX3RC home page I found that I already have more than 100 confirmed RDA's. So I guess that this is a good choice. I had to create an account for the RDA forum so I can get some info. But unfortunately most conversation is in Russian. But any way it is a lot of fun to have a goal.

Have to show you some more Pictures taken with the new Nikkor Lens. I'm quite impressed of the performance of the lens. OK, I'm using the stabilising system that Nikon provided in the lens. It is called VR (Vibration Reduction mode). But it is difficult to hold a camera with a lens at 450 mm focal length. But here we go. First is 105 mm and the second is 450 mm but they are from different angle.

Looks OK to moi!!! Or..............................????

Anyway I shall see if I can get some birds or other animals in the sight.

Back to radio to see if I can chatch A25UK on some missing band slots.


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