Tuesday, 30 May 2017


This morning on 30 m I was able to get a QSO with HD2RRC/4 on SA-033!! Super. An new one in the log. Russian Robinson Club is Always on their toes.

An other great news is that it is raining. Not much but there are some drops falling from the sky. And due to that I can't cut the lawn today.

But I have been busy working as a Plumber. Reason for this is that the faucet in the bathroom was leaking. And the general condition not so good. So I replaced it today with a new one. At the same time I installed globe valves so in the future I do not need to turn the water system off when servicing the taps.

As I had the water system drained I replaced the kitchen faucet and also installed globe valves or are they called ball valves?? What ever. You knew what I mean, or...............................???? The faucet in the kitchen was in a bad condition as the one in the bathroom. But it was not leaking.

Well, back to chasing IOTA!!

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