Sunday, 16 October 2016

WOW! Thrilling week!

This Friday I had surgery in both my eye's. Reason was that I've got a lot of cataract in my left Eye and some in the right. So they replaced both my lenses at the same day (Friday 14 Oct ). Surgery took about 10 minutes per Eye and after a short rest I got the notion that I don't need special glasses any more. Just one pair for Reading only. Amazing!! I have to pinch my self several times a day that I have this clear vision now. .
Surgery was performed under a microscope. And it was totally painless. Only thing noted was a powerful strong light from the microscope straight into the Eye during surgery. So now I have Eye sight almost like a Hawk!!??


We had a brief moment of slight sun light this Monday. And I Went into the forest and took this Picture. And the autumn is progressing fast. We have had mostly cloudy sky and temp around 5 C ( 40 F ). Soon time to put on the Winter tyres on the car.


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