Monday, 31 October 2016

Playing with my Camera.

I played around last night trying to get a photo of the night sky with all the stars. I used my Nikon D-90 and lens 18-105/3,5-5,6. Wide angle was used (18). ASA set to 3200 and niose reduction to "OFF". Unfortunately there was some light haze in the sky. But I'm still satisfied.
First Picture I pointed the camera towards the Milky way. And this was the result. Exposure time was 15s and fully opened aperture (3,5).

Lots of stars!!
Next Picture I pointed the camera to my antennas as a foreground. During the 30s exposure I "painted" my antenna with a 3 W Led flash light for about 1s. Result as follow.

Not so bad. You can see the Pleiades down to the right side of the Picture.
Well, not so bad for a first attempt!!??



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