Saturday, 22 October 2016

Rare DX in my vicinity!

I have a rare DX just in my vicinity. It is only 75 km ( 45 Miles ) from my own QTH in 51 deg direction. This DX Always create big piles. If you not guessed what it is I can tell you it is Market Reef or Märket as it is called in Swedish. This Reef is partly owned by Sweden and Finland. And it is the Finish part that Counts as OJ0. It can be quite trilling to work OJ0 from my location. Especially on high frequencies. It is to Close.
Last year US5WDX, DL5LYM, SP5XVY and DL3DXX was there and they must have had a lot of fun. I managed to work them on 160 m CW and 40 and 30 m RTTY. Nothing new but it is fun to work good operators.

Nice card of the Buildings on the Reef. Swedish part of the Reef has no Buildings.

Well that's all for now. CUL

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