Monday, 4 January 2021

New Prodject on the bench

 I have a SR-400 and PS-500A and a HA-20 that will be restored. Have to recapp al units and perform a full set up of receiver and transmitter. RX is almost similar to SR-2000. It will be fun in these Covid-19 times. And hopefully I will get a shot in the arm quite soon!!??

Wx here in Sweden is around freezing and some snow on the ground. 

HNY to all of you readers and keep safe!

Tuesday, 22 December 2020

We are now going to the light??!!

 Well! The sun has reached the low point of winter and is now turning back to some brighter times! But it will take a few weeks before we can see any change.

The restoration of the Hallicrafters SR-2000 and Ha-20 is done. The power supply (P-2000) is heavy. It has the same wight as my ACOM 2000A! You don't run around with it. But the line is working fine. And the equipment has been shipped back to the owner.

Next prodject will be a couple of SR-400. That will be exciting.

Best X-Mas and a HNY to all of you readers. Se you next year!

Wednesday, 9 December 2020

 Long time since I was here. Reason for this is the change for uploading pictures. But I will give it a new try!

I have been restoring an Hallicrafters SR-2000 and recapping the power supply. Now I will try to upload some pictures!!!

Well! Looks like Google have made their homwork this time!! Enjoy the pictures  and CUL!

Wednesday, 19 August 2020

New IOTA and a new one on 50 MHz


Got the following QSL today. Armenia was a new one on 50 MHz and RI0B from AS-068.

I'm not familiare with the new layout of this blog. So enjoy the Pictures and CUL.


Thursday, 6 August 2020

Some new QSL received!

Yes! Finally I received the QSL from TI9A. New band slot was 80 m! Thanks for the card. I also received QSL from J79WTA. Worked him on 160. Both of these QSO's was confirmed via LoTW. Had some problems with my K9AY receiving antenna. Dismanteled it and checked the relays in the switch box. And I couldent find any fault with it. Had some problemm in NW directiom but after putting it back together it worked just fine???!!! OK, I did some resoldering but no obvious cause of the fault. Checked the relay's and they where just fine. I will try it out in the eavning. New blog. Have not find out how to add pictures!! Well I managed to add some Pictures. But I must say that it was easier in the old blog!!!


Thursday, 16 July 2020

New Toy in the Schack!

Long time since I updated this blog. Been busy at the Railway. And the Covid-19 has made it all to slow down.
But I have replaced my ACOM1010 with a more powerfull Amp. It is an OM 2000+. And there are some more Power to use on 160/80 m. Hopeing I will break a few more pile-ups.
Worked a few new ones on 50 MHz. Unfortunally most of them on FT-8. And I'm not a big fan of that mede but what to do when all the new ones is on FT-8. I have 75 comfirmed on 50 MHz so I'm slowly getting there.

The wx here in Sweden is overcast and some TS.



Friday, 20 March 2020

Spring Equinox has passed

Equinox have passed so now the sun has start shining on the North Pole the whole day!
Not so much new things here. Have been chasing a few DX such as VP8PJ, TI9A, 9J2LA, and VP2VB with various results. And I have worked around 20 new DXCC on 160 since installation of the new vertical antenna. Have to show you some SWR curves of the antenna.

This is 160 m. and it is quite narrow. 1:2 is between 1810 to 1845 KHz and that is quite nice.

And this is 80 m. And it is quite wide here. And with this adjustment I cover 3500 and up to 3650 KHz. So I'm very satisfied with the performance over all.

WX here in Sweden is around freezing and some light snow in the air. But when the sun comes out it gets around 10 to 15 C in the sun. And that is nice. Have been drinking coffee outside several day's now. And no Corona here in the forest so far.