Tuesday, 3 April 2018

Struggling on 160 and Steam Engine fixed.

Well, still no new QSL for QSO's on 160. It is hard to just sit and wait. The QSL I have on order is the following: 9Y4/LY2IJ, XT2AW are both ordered via Pay-Pal. J79WTA ordered via letter. Hopefully I will get them Before next 160 season!!!????

I have been calling and chasing some other stations on 160 m. Sutch as HH. But they don't hear me from 60 deg North. Soon I will start to monitoring 50 MHz and try to achieve a DXCC on the Magic Band. So I will jump from Top Band to the Magic Band!!

But I have also been working hard at the Steam Engine stable. And here you can see the result!

All the maintenance have been carried out and it is ready to Go!

Wx is still very Cold during night. But during daytime it is on the plus side. But the prediction for the coming week is temperatures in region of 10 - 15 C and some rain. X my fingers.


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