Wednesday, 7 February 2018

Cold and No 3Y0Z

Shit! We got the White fluff back. Not so fun. And they had to abort the Bouvet expedition due to bad weather and Engine failure. Well, shit happens all the time. Nothing we can do about it.

And it is Cold outside. Temp at the moment is -15 C ( 5 F ) and sky is almost clear and sun is Rising slowly in the East.

I won a quiz Contest. And the price was this ModMic. And I had a headset without microphone. So I build an adapter (ModMic is an elektret microphone) for my Kenwood TS-590S and the mic is working just fine. Very sensitive. Had to reduce input gain quite a lot. The headset was a scrapped unit due to severe damage. Ripped of boom and all wiring was gone. I managed to glue it back to almost original status and replaced the cord. And I have to treat it with a lot of TLC to keep it together. I will look for a replacement but it will do as long as all parts sits together. Keep my fingers crossed.

And I have got some visitors. It is a pair of squirrel's eating of the sunflower seed on the ground.

That's all for now. CUL

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