Tuesday, 25 July 2017

Waiting for a rare IOTA

I'm waiting for RI0C from AS-069, Iony Isl. According to DX-World the team is at the Island but they have not been able to land. Worked the team from R24RRC AS-114 and QSL is on order.

I have been busy at my second hobby at the museum train working as a brakeman.
Have to show you all a Picture of the largest steam Engine in Sweden for 891 mm track. It is under restoration and was called is Swedish "Stortysken" ( "Big German"). it is a massive piece of Engine.

Pictures taken with my Ipone. The Engine was built 1920. The plan is to have it fully restored and in traffic Before it's 100 year's birthday (2020) !!! I will keep my fingers X-ssed!!

Well back to lsn for RI0C.


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